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Step 1: Place Order & Start Packing

Order our boxes and we will deliver them free to you on campus. And if needed, get a quote for unboxed items.

Step 2: We Pick-up Your Items & Store Them (all summer)

On designed days, we will pick-up your boxes, unboxed items, and store them in our secure warehouse. Custom pickup and delivery also available.

Step 3: We Return Your Belongings Before Fall Semester

We deliver your items back to you on campus.

There are designated free pickup days. These are usually at the end of finals week before the dorms close. We come to the curbside of select dorm or apartments and pickup your items during a specific time window. If you need a custom pickup day, this can be arranged for an extra fee.

Before students return to campus, we email everyone our delivery schedule. Each student signs up for the free delivery day or requests a custom delivery (for an extra fee). We bring all items to the curbside of select dorm or apartments.

 Medium Box Size (18 X 14 X 12)

Extra-Large Box Size (23 X 23 X 16)

Wardrobe Box Size (20 X 20 X 34) 

TV boxes prefect for TV's from 38″ to 70″

At this time we do not offer shipping.

No problem we offer storage on unboxed items. Check out our pricing by clicking unboxed at the top of the page.

Students can store anything they won't need over the summer. Students typically store office supplies, winter and fall clothing, mattress pads, and furniture from their dorm room.  Just don't store anything valuable or very fragile. 

Yes we keep all items in a secure warehouse.
There are free return days at the start of the fall semester. If you need your stuff earlier you can email us at and for a fee set up a custom delivery. 

Yes. Common sense is a good rule of thumb. But, we definitely don’t store perishable items, food, family heirlooms, jewelry, anything that can explode, and items of high value or of an irreplaceable nature. Also, if it breaks easily, you should keep it in your home.

Yes you can use your own boxes or containers they will cost the same amount as the box that is most similar in size. If the item was not on your order form you will be charged for it at check out.

Yes you can always add to your order you will be charged for any additional items at pick up.
Yes medium boxes need to weigh less than 30 pounds and Extra-Large and Wardrobe boxes need to weigh less than 50 pounds.

Don’t stress! You only pay for the storage you need. Order a few extra boxes and if you don’t fill them up, we will refund you for the unused boxes at pick up.

Yes you can get a better deal by choosing one of our packages. 

We don't release the address of the warehouse for security purposes.

Here is our Cancelation Policy

Thank you for your purchase. We hope you are happy with your purchase. However, if you have decided you do not need our storage services, you may cancel your reservation for an 80% refund up to one week before your scheduled box pickup. There are no refunds for orders canceled within one week of scheduled pick up. Please see below for more information on our return policy.

Refund Process

To cancel your reservation send an email to Include your first and last name along with the boxes or package you ordered. You will receive a cancelation conformation email within 48 hours.


After your refund has been processed you will receive a credit to your card for 80% of your reservations cost.


If you have any questions concerning our refund policy, please contact us at: