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Pricing Overview

Everything is priced by the box, package, or unboxed item.

What is Included?

Each box, package, or unboxed item price includes the following:

  • Free box delivery
  • Curbside pickup (on select dates)
  • Storage in our secure, temperature-monitored warehouse
  • All summer storage (up to 4 months)
  • Curbside delivery (on select dates)

Choose add-ons for an extra fee. For example, we offer additional pickup and delivery options if our free dates don’t work for you.

Free Pickup Dates

University of Kansas May 13th from 5pm to 7pm

University of Kansas May 14th from 9am to 12pm

Ottawa University April 30th from 11am to 1pm

Helpful Tips

Save money by selecting a package vs. a la carte.

Packages are designed to make things easy and save you money.

It is cheaper to pack everything in a box vs unboxed (separate quote). 

Our service is only available for students living on campus. 

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Unboxed Items

Add-On Service & Fees

Generally, most students will pay the box/package price. However, here are the other fees that we may charge:
  • Custom Date/Time for Pickup or Delivery: $30 If the free pickup/delivery slots don’t work with your schedule, we can arrange a custom date/time. This must be scheduled in advance and is based on availability.
  • Extra Time: $30 Our pickup and delivery schedules are firm.  If we have to wait for a student who is not punctual, we will charge this fee.
  • Overweight Box: $25 Each box is designed to hold 50lbs. That’s a lot of stuff! But, if you overpack your box, you will be charged this fee. This is strictly enforced to prevent injuries to you and us.
  • Mattress Bag: $10 These are required to store a mattress. We will have some on hand, if needed.